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Ragna is a small design studio creating unique handmade decorations

Raku Houses in a Finnish forest

Some  things  we  make


Hand built in Lahti and raku fired in a forest. Each one has a unique personality to confidently stand on their own. But, being made by the same hand they are also friendly when gathered into a group.

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A wide variety of colours and styles. The bases have been handwoven from birch branches or metal hoops. Completely hand-wired with florist's techniques, these are built to last. They can adorn spaces inside or out.

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Gingerbread biscuits to hang at that most wonderful time of the year.

We strive to make them look like home made biscuits, but completely inedible.

Being entirely made from clay, they never go out of date.

What is Ragna

Ragna is beauty without fuss.

Ragna is things done well with focus.

Ragna is doing things that make you happy.

Ragna really doesn't mind that some people think their wreaths are too much bling.

Ragna likes them anyway.

Ragna is being 99% sure of some of your choices.

Ragna is being sturdy like the bedrock.

Ragna is not sure if the hands are working the clay or is it the other way around.

Ragna has it's feet on the ground but it's head in the clouds.

Ragna is happy that people like their houses.

Ragna likes them too.

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